Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Noid is 35 Weeks

How far along:   Baby Noid is 35 weeks

Baby size:  5 ¼ lbs and 18iches long about the size of a honeydew.

Weight gain: I am at 192. 29lbs. 

Maternity clothes: Always.

Stretch marks: None and lucky for that.

Sleep: Sleep is ok…not amazing, but ok.

Gender: Still a boy!  We have picked our name, but not letting the blog world know quite yet!!!

Movement:  Always, it doesn’t stop, but I love every moment of it.  It is the most magical thing in the world to feel your own baby kick the crap out of your insides.

Best moment this week: I am going to turn a negative into a positive.  I have been placed on bed rest until further notice due to high blood pressure.  But a good thing is that I get to see my baby once or twice a week.  I have to go in twice a week to have a stress test on the baby and an ultra sound to make sure he is still doing well.  So negative to a positive, there you go.  Tomorrow is my first appointment.

Looking forward to: Being able to see my little man tomorrow

Food cravings: none, truthfully, nothing sounds good!  I want to eat all the time, but nothing sounds like anything I want to eat.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Again nothing, there is nothing that I really want. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada

Labor signs: Not yet, I am hoping that they stay away for at least another good 5 weeks, with this high blood pressure I am just hoping to keep this kid in as long as I can.

What I miss: Sleep, and yesterday we went to the Mexican restaurant and I really miss Margaritas! Like a whole lot!

Workouts: None, Bed Rest doesn’t really call for much on the working out side of things.  I hope to maybe do some Yoga while I am resting.  That should be good for me, Right?

Things that suck: Bed Rest, I know it should be awesome to not be a work, but I would truly rather be there.

Things that don't suck: My parents will be here on Saturday.  So excited!  I can’t wait till they get here!

Have an amazing week this week! I can’t wait to see my baby boy tomorrow!  Hope I am feeling better and my BP is down so I can go back to work and also not have to sit at home by myself.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baby Noid is 34 weeks

How far along:   Baby Noid is 34 weeks

Baby size:  Cantaloupe 4 ¾ lbs and 18 inches long.

Weight gain: I am at 190. Oh goodness…that is 27lbs. I don’t know if I feel good about this or not.  But I am growing a healthy baby boy…hopefully!

Maternity clothes: Always.

Stretch marks: None yet…and so happy for that…keep slathering on the lotion…

Sleep: Not sleeping well, between the dreams and the hurting but bone and the stuffy nose and the dogs and peeing…I don’t know what sleep is.

Gender: We have picked our name, but not to the blog world!!!

Movement:  All the time, he is always in my ribs and sticking his foot out my side.

Best moment this week: Lamaze class last night.  Travis didn’t have much fun, but I felt like I actually learned a lot.

Looking forward to: My new adventure, once little man is here and I am done with maternity leave I will be starting a new job.  So excited for the next part of our lives and can’t wait for him to be here!

Food cravings: Sweats…all the time.

Weirdest food I ate this week:  So I haven’t ate anything weird this week, but I did get an amazing snack.  Imagine, 64% dark cocoa, whole grain popcorn, and slivered almonds. So good!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada

Labor signs: Nothing yet, I am still learning about what it means to be in labor, but that is what Lamaze is for.

What I miss: Sleep.

Workouts: I did Yoga on Monday, and I want to do it again tonight.  I just don’t have the energy to do anything else…maybe next week!

Things that suck: Swollen feet and high-ish blood pressure, I know this isn’t a good thing, I did get my P.I.H. labs done and I didn’t hear anything back from the Dr. so I am assuming things are fine.  I just need to keep an eye on it.

Things that don't suck: Lamaze class, Dogs, My parents coming next week, Easter, warm weather.

Still thinking about a nursery post, but I think I will wait until I have it completely done…so after the baby shower on the 4th
But here is a sneak peak....

Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the warmer weather!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Noid is 33 Weeks

How far along:   Baby Noid is 33 weeks

Baby size:  A Pineapple! What...That is huge! no wonder he is ALWAYS in my ribs!  Hes comphy though i can tell!

Weight gain: On Friday I was 187. Which means 24lbs.  But I have been in St. Louis for business this week and oh my do they feed us well. I bet when I go to the DR. next week I have gained at least 10 more LBS.

Maternity clothes: ummm yes…every day in every way.  I am looking for Maxi dresses for the next few weeks and for post baby being born. Update...Haven't really found any I love....any suggestions welcome

Stretch marks: None yet…and so happy for that…keep slathering on the lotion…

Sleep: I see the clock within the 11, 1, and 3 o'clock hours, then again at 438 like on the dot every morning!  Say What....sleep is what?????

Gender: As far as we know he is still a boy…I think we are down to 2...Zander Lee and Parker Douglas.  I think...don't quote me on that one!

Movement:  I was worried on Sunday and Monday because there was not much movement.  I wasn't for sure if all the work I did on Saturday and Sunday hurt him or made him over tired because he wasn't much for moving those two days.  But back to normal the last two days.  So we are good

Best moment this week: Daddy got the crib up and I put up the stickers on the wall...I will show pics soon. Different time, different post!  But I for sure love it!

Looking forward to: A new adventure…My last post I said I hope my Friday goes well. It did!  So now its time for the decision.  Please pray that I make all the right choices!!!

Food cravings: OJ still, gotta have it, every day

Weirdest food I ate this week:  Ordered Motz Stix and Onion Rings the other day from Arby's.  The girl looked at me and said "Don't you want a sandwich with that" WTF...seriously...NO just give the pregnant woman her Motz Stix and Onion rings and move on with life...Grrr...but it was quite funny!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope…Feeling amazing…cold is gone...boogies still there...ewww.

Labor signs: Nope…nothing yet…and he can sure wait for another 7 weeks…I would rather him not come quite yet.

What I miss: As of right now...ankles! What the heck is this?

Workouts:  Bad week again! No workouts since I am gone on business....cross your fingers that I get in next week!

Things that suck: Swollen feet, not being able to try all the amazing cocktails at the amazing restaurant today, and making decisions.

Things that don't suck: Change, Baby things, Getting some alone time (love my husband, but nice to just be alone with no one for a while!

Hopefully I get a post up about the nursery soon!  If not see you next week for week 34.