Thursday, November 14, 2013

Baby Noid is 12 Weeks!

Hello Again Blog World...

Oh how I have missed you.  Well UPDATE time since it has been FOREVER!

We have been busy busy busy for about well the last three months.  School, vacations, weddings, dogs...we haven't had time to slow down!  And I don't think we will ever slow down.  Not now with our more than exciting news!

So do you want to hear it?  Just wondering....and most of you already know!

Ok so I can't keep you in suspense for ever, I would love to but I can't!


Yeah, that's right I said it.  I got a Bun in the Oven, I'm Preggers, I am going to have a little Nugget....could go on and on.  But I wont.  How about we start at the beginning....

Thursday Sept. 26th Happy Birthday Month to Travis and I and guess what we got the best present ever.  I took the Pregnancy test right when I got home on Thursday night...cuz I just knew. 
Well ladies and gentleman.  There you have it....i peed on that thing! :)

We went to the Doctor on Thursday Oct. 3rd and and got this amazing picture.

That little Nugget is only .95 of an inch and its heart was beating at 132 beats per minute and we were 7 weeks.

We found out that day that we are due on May 28th.  Anyone know what that day is??????  Well its Grandpa Mike Noids birthday...and Travis and I's 3 year anniversary.  Love it...

We then told Mike and Peggy and Grandpa and Grandma Clark at the Bar on Friday Night.  We gave them this:

AHHHH....our Pups and finally going to have a little human friend!  We are more excited than words can tell.

The next weekend we went home to NE and told my parents and my family.  All my brothers and sisters and practically everyone knew before we even got there that "we were having a baby" was the reason we came home.

Now Papa and Crazy Nae were SURPRISED!!!!!!  Can't wait for their baby girl to have a baby!

Now for some great stats since I am:

12 weeks along!

Baby Noid is the size of a Plum! WHOA!!!!

Baby Growth:

Pretty sure this is a PLUM

My Symptoms: All my energy is back to normal and I am not getting nauseous unless I don't eat!  So that is a major plus.  I have extra fluids, like everywhere. (extra snot, extra saliva, extra ...)

Weight: I started out at 164 and went down to 156 and now I am up to a healthy 159.  I have to say its kinda weird to want to gain weight!  Kinda troubling!

Gender: Don't know yet.  Waiting for 20 Weeks to come along.

Maternity Clothes: To tell you the truth, I went out and bought a few pairs on Maternity pants for work.  I hate to say it but my clothes were fitting a little tight before I found out I was pregnant.  So I am wearing a couple pants, cuz its comfy and I would rather be that then not.  I am still wearing most of my clothes though and just doing the "rubber band" trick so I am still able to sit all day.

Movement: None yet, but I can't wait

Sleep: Like crazy.  All I do is sleep.  It is getting better and I am not needing to sleep as much.  But the bad part is, I am not sleeping well AT ALL.  I get up 3 to 4 times a night to pee and dang do I have some WEIRD dreams!

Cravings:  Right now....Dorthy Lynch!  MMMMMMMMM.....weird changes weekly and once I eat over it!

What I miss: Not much actually.  I don't really want to drink, I miss working out EVERYDAY...but to make it through the day I can't really do it everyday!  But that is ok...It will come back.  Other than that..I don't miss anything.  I do miss my family, but....2 more weeks!!! <3  So excited!

Work Outs:  This week I worked out Monday, Arms and 10 minutes of the bike and 5 of the stair stepper...goodness that was hard.  Its crazy how easy you loose it!  ...and today is Thursday I hope to workout today! 

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Nothing fun this week....just keep trying to remind myself I am pregnant its crazy to not really feel like you are!  I can't wait to feel like I am! 

Questions/Concerns:  This week has been a weird up last Friday with a Killer Migraine, went to the Chiropractor, when I left I felt like I couldn't move, went home and slept for 4 hours and iced my neck.  Woke up Saturday...still had a headache...but it went away that morning, I have been to the Chiro 2 more times this week and am feeling great...hopefully no more because I can't afford that!! LOL! 

OH YEAH and I got a cold sore this week!  Goodness....(rolling my eyes)

Goals for next week: To work out 3 times and to have an amazing 1st major ultra sound!  WHOOP!

Thoughts:  I just can't wait to meet Baby Noid....I can't wait to see him/her, see if he/she looks like me or Travis, how he/she acts....I just can't wait...I know I have a long ways left 198 Days to be exact!  I just am to excited!

Happy Thursday All!  See you for week 13!