Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Noid is 33 Weeks

How far along:   Baby Noid is 33 weeks

Baby size:  A Pineapple! What...That is huge! no wonder he is ALWAYS in my ribs!  Hes comphy though i can tell!

Weight gain: On Friday I was 187. Which means 24lbs.  But I have been in St. Louis for business this week and oh my do they feed us well. I bet when I go to the DR. next week I have gained at least 10 more LBS.

Maternity clothes: ummm yes…every day in every way.  I am looking for Maxi dresses for the next few weeks and for post baby being born. Update...Haven't really found any I love....any suggestions welcome

Stretch marks: None yet…and so happy for that…keep slathering on the lotion…

Sleep: I see the clock within the 11, 1, and 3 o'clock hours, then again at 438 like on the dot every morning!  Say What....sleep is what?????

Gender: As far as we know he is still a boy…I think we are down to 2...Zander Lee and Parker Douglas.  I think...don't quote me on that one!

Movement:  I was worried on Sunday and Monday because there was not much movement.  I wasn't for sure if all the work I did on Saturday and Sunday hurt him or made him over tired because he wasn't much for moving those two days.  But back to normal the last two days.  So we are good

Best moment this week: Daddy got the crib up and I put up the stickers on the wall...I will show pics soon. Different time, different post!  But I for sure love it!

Looking forward to: A new adventure…My last post I said I hope my Friday goes well. It did!  So now its time for the decision.  Please pray that I make all the right choices!!!

Food cravings: OJ still, gotta have it, every day

Weirdest food I ate this week:  Ordered Motz Stix and Onion Rings the other day from Arby's.  The girl looked at me and said "Don't you want a sandwich with that" WTF...seriously...NO just give the pregnant woman her Motz Stix and Onion rings and move on with life...Grrr...but it was quite funny!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope…Feeling amazing…cold is gone...boogies still there...ewww.

Labor signs: Nope…nothing yet…and he can sure wait for another 7 weeks…I would rather him not come quite yet.

What I miss: As of right now...ankles! What the heck is this?

Workouts:  Bad week again! No workouts since I am gone on business....cross your fingers that I get in next week!

Things that suck: Swollen feet, not being able to try all the amazing cocktails at the amazing restaurant today, and making decisions.

Things that don't suck: Change, Baby things, Getting some alone time (love my husband, but nice to just be alone with no one for a while!

Hopefully I get a post up about the nursery soon!  If not see you next week for week 34.