Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Fav OOTW

Going forward Friday is going to be meant for my Favorite Outfit that I wore the past week. Well this week is my first Friday Fav and I don't even have an outfit to show you...I didn't like anything I wore this week. I would have been more comfy in my Sweats and Travis's T-Shirt...Just thinking about it makes me swoon!!!!

So, instead of a Friday Fav for today I decided it would be a great thing to show you what I WISH I wore this week.

Here's the outfit I picked!

Strand Necklace
Crave Boutique

Striped Maxi Dress
Forever 21
Classic Denim Jacket
Forever 21

LC by Lauren Conrad Flip Flop

 Ohhhh...I love it all!  I would be comfy in this to!  So lookout for me to be wearing this soon...but I will need to go shopping first.

Whats your favorite outfit of the week?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to love on your fathers for their big day!