Monday, January 14, 2013

A Weekend for Relaxing

This week was a great relaxing weekend.
Friday Night I didn't have to cook and we went to Baileys Pizza Shop in State Center. Hadn't been there before but Travis kept saying that it was a great Pizza Place.  It was delish :)
I think we decided that we want to try to eat in as many little towns pubs/bars and restaurants as possible.  Good idea?  I think Friday will be Flatheads Bar in Saint Anthony for drinks and a tenderloin???  We will see!
Saturday entailed waking up late (YEAH I SLEPT IN) and getting ready to go run!   Yup I was going to run! 
Well Needless to say the High was probably -2.  Not running in that....but I did get ready and go to town...instead of running I ended up at Walmart for some fun grocery shopping! 
 And we all know how much I <3 Wallyworld!
After my wonderful trip to town....I started Baking (I am not Betty Croker but I am trying)
LOL....not my picture but this is what I made. Maybe someday I will be able to get my own pics on can see them all on my instagram account though SBNOID
Zucchini Muffins with a Greek Yogurt frosting....YUMMMMOOOOOO
I got them from the Blog Eat Yourself Skinny which is the first Blog that I read when I decided that I needed to start Blogging!  By the way love most of the recipes that she comes up with.  Travis on the other hand does not!
Since Travis doesn't like hates Healthy foods.  I also made him Chocolate Chip Cookies. Even more YUMMMOOO.
Well Sunday and Lazy Day...And when I say lazy I mean...LLLLLAAAAZZZZZYYY.  The only thing I did do was some Yoga....ohhhh eeee felt Ahhhmazing!
Jillian is the best!!!
Well back to the rest of Monday, Class Time!!
Oh yeah and I had a phone interview today....I think it went well!  Can't wait to hear back!  Wish me luck!!!