Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adventures of Yesterday

Yesterday 5:00 AM

Hit the Snooze 3 times...
                      Woke up and showered quickly because I am running behind if I want to get everything done this monring like I need to.
  • Well I was going to Work Out, but to late now
  • Get myself ready for work
  • Pack lunch for Travis and I
  • Feed the dogs (all 6)
  • Fill the water(ohh don't forget that...I always try to)
  • Eat Breakfast...we all know this is the most important part  :)

After the shower I looked in the mirror to check out my AMAZE face! :)

AHHHHHH.....what the heck, my left pupil is much bigger ( and when I say much I mean you can't see the color) than my right pupil.  WIERD...awwwkk...ward.....RIGHT????

Since I don't have internet at the house I only minorly started to FREAK while finishing getting ready and leaving for work.

Finally at work at 7:10 and running up the stairs to my computer.  Sit down and start to type...GOOGLE (my friend)


Stroke, Aneurysms, Migraine, Loss of Vision....WTF???   Stay calm, its going to be OK!

Well needless to stay I was calm until...


9:30 Peggy (Mother-In-Law) runs by my little cubie leaving saying Mom is in the hospital they think she had another stroke.....

an hour after shaking my knees and trying to concentrate she FINALLY calls to update me and says "GO TO THE DR....NOW!

After 2 hours at my family DR and 2 people looking at me like I was CRAZY they refer me over to Wolf eye Clinic and I see DR. Sue ( I think that was his name).  What a cute little man...SMART to! 

He says all is OK....and one of three things could have happened:

1. There might have been fumes from what I ate the night before (umm fish sticks...will that do it?)

He laughed at me and said NO! 

2. I could be having a Migraine without any pain.  This was there was pressure behind my eye. 


3.  I got something on my contacts

Nope sorry for number three happened before I put the contacts in.

We all had a final consensus that it was NUMBER 2.  Kind of feel like a wako now.  Have you heard of anything like that?

But I do feel so much better after going to see him.  And I am glad I did.

Finally at around 10pm Peggy comes home with an update on Grandma that they think she just had a seizure and she is going to be OK. She spoke with the heart Dr. today, but not sure what they ended up with there. Haven't talked to Peggy as of yet. Hopefully all is fine and they found out why this happened. 

My thought...Grandma is stressed and needs a good massage, pedicure and manicure....ohhh wait I think I want that!

Well, off to a Tax Seminar and Accounting Class.....Will update on Grandma when I know....

TaTa all!