Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY Wreath

I Have been looking into make a wreath for our new house!

This is want I came up with...
  • peacock feathers(because we were the peacocks at the college we met at) 
  • burlap (add a little country)
  • fun flowers
  • cardboard "N"

Perfect for our first home together!

This was 1.99 with 50% off at Hobby Lobby!!! Whoop Whoop, Can't get enough of that!

A little Metallic Paint to make it Shimmer (Love the Metallics so in right now!)
  • Use thin layers until you achieve the color you want

A Wreath and come butlap

An awesome Peacock Feather and some fun flowers! These were 50% off as well!!

And have it....

Watch out Friends and Family this is what your getting for Christmas!!!!

What do you think, I got the idea from one of my amazing cousins...

<3 Sarah
*all of this was under $20 from Hobby Lobby!