Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm in love with BLOGS!!!

Is it bad that the first thing I want to do in the morning is check in with the Blogs I follow?????  What am I CRAZY or am I just in love with Blogs?

I am going to go with the latter or two...

Some of my favorite blogs include:

Eat Yourself Skinny This is actually the very first blog I ever looked at!!!!
Life is Peaches My Besties Blog
Rhona Quaney My Sister-in-Laws Mother

These are my top Faves...Yeah I know crazy alot right!!!  But I love it...they give me so much inspiration

whether it be Fashion, Determination, Healthy Recipies, Challenges, Growing my Faith, or just plain amazinness!

So go check out these blogs and start to grow with God, get healthy or just get some good ideas for life!

I will leave you today with the Challenge that I will doing April 22-28th.  The hosts are:

If you want to you can to...I am hopeing to post all about it while doing it.

Got to do a little at a time and start to get back into shape since my best friends wedding is 5 months away!!!!!!!

Until next time,