Monday, April 8, 2013

Sorry it's been so long...

So I knew I wouldn't be to good at updating this or even posting!

Well, I am in the mood to start trying again!

I know I left off with the cleanse that I did! Wow did I love that! I lost 9 lbs and was feeling great! Then came the all to familiar rut! Which I am still in!

I am trying as hard as I can to do everything I can to get motivated! And in conclusion be accountable on here is going to be how I do it!

Yesterday I ran 1 mile! Took me 10 minutes but I did it! Now today I don't get to work out because I have class! So tomorrow I am going to try to get in 1.1 miles and up it from there! We will see how it goes!

Wish me luck!