Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fav OOTW

As we speak I am stopped at the second (yes I pee more then the average person) rest area on my 7 hour Trip from Iowa to Nebraska. So boring of a trip by myself. I really should have stopped at the library and got a book on tape. Would have been WAY better! 

Instead to make this trip amazing I am listening to old Love Song CDs from college! Yes Jen you know the ones...we listened to them on every road trip! The memories are flooding back!!!

Enough about that since I need to get back in the road again!

My favorite outfit this week is a somewhat old, somewhat last year type of thing!

I don't have a pic if me in it...because I took it off before my husband got home to help a women out! 

Top is From Target last year clearance! Say what?!? 💚💜

Skinnies are Vera Wang kohl's! Last year! Clearance as well! Can you tell I'ma bargain shopper?!

Shoes... Man I think they are strait out of High school...9 years ago! Still going strong!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I know I will!