Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life according to my IPhone

 I think the only posts I'm really good at remembering to do is this one! It's so easy I mean my IPhone is right here with everything I need,right? 

Right now my Phone is telling me it 5am and what the heck are you doing awake?!? Well the ๐Ÿ’œof my life is working  on a job right now that he has to be at work by 6 am which means I am up at the crack a๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ of dawn too! And my dog is chewing on her favorite chewy! 
Did I tell you it squeks... Well yeah it does, loudly! 

This weekend I made the 7 hour trip to North Platte, NE to help my parents move move from the wonderful Lake house to a 5th wheel, so they can park by the lake! It's definitely goind to be an expierence for them! But they are brave enough to handle it! It was so awesome to be home!

It was also NebraksaLand Days, if you know nothing about Nebraska you should know about this! NELand Days is 2 weeks of Rodeos, events, parades and the final weekend Concerts!! This year was Lee Brice and Kid Rock!!! 

 Let's say we had a great time, but it rained out Lee Brice, I was heart broken and wet!
 But at least I kept my boots on... Unlike this person who "lost" their shoes! Or just said "f shoes, who needs me"

Must have been a great night!!!

The next best thing is these two cuties.... 
Can't get a good pic of both of them!!!

What would your phone say about you this week? 

Have a Tremendous Tuesday!