Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home -- 1 Month Recap

As you all know we bought our first house...and are more than excited to share it with you.

This might not be the most amazing house you have ever seen and it might not even be nice to you, but it is "Our Home" and it is the perfect place for us.

First of all I want to say the we talked about houses for a while and looked at fifty million a lot of houses.  This was our list of must haves:
· Big fenced in yard (for the puppies)
· Man Cave (to feed my husbands desire to be "on his own"
· 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
· open floor plan.

We ended up with almost all of it...We had to opt for a bigger yard and smaller home to be outside of Marshalltown in our price range.  But this is the perfect HOME for us and I am excited to revel it and to give you the 1month recap of what we have done so far!

This is our home!



 Living Room

Tay and Wrigley wanted to join the photo session


Our Bed Room

Our bed is very high because I wanted to keep the dogs off....

Are they not just adorable...guess they didn't ahve a propblem getting on it.

 Main Bath/Laundry

Upstairs Bedrooms 

This will be Travis "Man Cave" / Room with all his fun stuff.

Yes I realize that that is camo...someday this will be the babies room....but we have to have one first.

Upstairs bath 

 I hope you enjoy this as much as we do...stop by whenever and see the real thing...we are always up for visitors...

See you Friday for Friday's Fav OOTW!