Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LIfe According to my IPhone

My Peonies Finally Bloomed!!!

We went to Eden Prarie, Minnesota to watch Travis' Sister Jessies Dogs for the weekend.  We had Gina Maria's Pizza, which is aboslutley amazing.
Saturday we went to the Minnesota Twins Game.  We had the best seats, The Legands Club. We had the best popcorn and Beer. 

Before the Game there was a totaly huricane...ok not really but I thought so.  We went into the cutest Irish Bar.  I had my favorite Irish Drink...They called it the Poor Irishman.  Guinness and Crispen (YUUUUMMMMOOOOO)

Sunday was Fathers Day and though I didn't get to see my father, who I would say is the best father in the world, I did post this picture and gave him a call.  Can you say Junior dad is just adorable though, huh? 
Travis and I went to our Fav restaurant BDubs!  Yeah we not to classy a bunch!   
We took the dogs for many walks.  Which I have to say this is the first time that they dogs were actually in front of Travis walking.  I have never seen dogs that walk behind you.  It was crazy.  At one point I had the leash over my shoulder just sitting there.

Work has been super crazy this week.  I even took a half day yesterday and I also have Friday off.  Looks like its in a 6 am tomorrow so I can leave on time tomorrow night.

My flowers outside the house are starting to bloom.  I love being able to have FREE flowers that I can bring inside and enjoy.

And on a super happy note.  2 more sleeps and I get to see my FAMILY.  Oh how excited I am.

Whats your week look like on your phone?