Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello Again Blog World....

Yes...I am so late on posts try at least 1 month behind...because my last post was a month ago....

Yes... I am very much not good at this blog thing.  I really want to be but you know....THE REAL WORLD gets in the way.  

Well this is what you missed while I was away.


1. 2 of the best Drinks on a hot summers nights
2. The dogs all took an amazing trip to the vet.  Guess how hard it is to take 3...count them 3 dogs to the vet at once.
3.Gurthrie River Ruckus...the second night, not as much fun because I was totally hungover. 2 days 8 camping...great time!!! yes ma'am it is.
4.  Kayaking for the first time down the Des Moines may only see my legs because I do not show my face when I have been in the water...not a pretty site.
5.  Travis he can show his face because its amaze!!! Love this man!

Well that is just a little of what was missed in the last month.  Plus there will not be a post on the house this month...we didn't do anything...way to busy!

But love you all and see you back here soon.

Oh yeah and I got a promotion...I am now a Compliance Specialist...whoop!!! Hard work pays off!!!!