Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home-Month 2

Where has the last two weeks went? 

As far as I know all roads lead to BUSY!!! 

I haven't really been in the mood to blog when I get home the last two weeks because I have been getting home late or just plain crazy busy!!! But here I am for what I did last month to the house!!!! 

Ummmm.... Not very much! But I did do this:

And this:

Yes, I painted the dinning room, the door, and the Trim and baseboards down the hallway!!!! 

And Travis came home from his Fishing Trip and says "What did you do to it... It looks the same!!!!"


 I literally wanted to punch him in the face! But I refrained, only because he is color blind! 

But it went from this:

Yes that is beige stripes!!!!

To this:

Come on man!!! But I gotta love him!!!!

Hopefully I do something fun enough to blog about this weekend!!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday peeps! Love ya!