Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Noid is 28 Weeks

Hello Everyone!! Two weeks are up and this is week 28.  We have had so much going on the last couple weeks I just can’t wait to tell you about it.  I think I decided now that I am DONEwith school.(I mean completely, I have a degree in Accounting now) Hells yeah baby! AnywayI decided that I could probably start blogging a little more than just once every two weeksmaybe if you all want I will blog once a week, maybe even more than that!
What do we think about that! I say YEAH!!!!
Does anyone else feel like everyone is pregnant??? I doI love it.  I am learning so much stuff from other bloggers about being pregnant and how to be a mommy and just how to be an amazing pregnant person!

Kristen from Mama & Mou shares these amazing birth stories, which I love!

Skinny Meg is actually having her baby today and she has such a great story about getting pregnant and working out while pregnant.

Those are just a couple that I loveI may share more later. But let’s get down to the real business here!
Baby Noid is 28 Weeks!!!!!!!!!

How far along? 28 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Total of 9 Lbs. I started at 163 and dropped to 155 and now I am 174.  Goodness, by the way, seeing that on the scale was hard.  But I worked through it.
Maternity clothes: Yes please, bought a few more pairs of maternity leggings, because my amazing dogs ate the crotch out of the only pair I have…ugh.
Stretch marks: None yet…I have only gone through one bottle of Tummy Massage Lotion and almost one jar of Belly Butter.
Sleep: Not for sure what this is…I wake up so many times in the night so move because my hips are starting to hurt, and so is my groin…Can I say that my groin hurts EVERYTIME I stand up.  I can’t stand up to fast or I feel like I am going to pull a muscle.
Best moment this week: umm…nothing really, same old same old around here.
Miss Anything? Summer....I want this winter crap to end....also missing being able to get out of my car without assistance from the roof.
Movement: We have a crazy mover on our hands.  But Travis has still not felt him.  Someday…I think we have a shy baby on our hands though.  A co-worker of mine wants to feel him and the moment she leaves my desk he will kick!
Food cravings: I don’t know if this is a food craving, but I sure do love whipcream, on anything. Wait…it doesn’t even have to be on anything it can just be plain…on a spoon…yummm…I think I need to get some now! Goodness
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.  I am feeling amazing.  I do love being pregnant
Have you started to show yet. Umm yes….
Gender prediction: Still a boy…and still deciding on the name…I think Kodiak is out…and we don’t know…anyone have a great suggestions that go with NOID!
Labor Signs: None and really I don’t know if I would know if I was or not…I need to read a little more
Belly Button inny or outy: Inny...crazy but it is almost flat!  WEIRD!!!
Wedding rings on or off: On, but off at times, I think I only have a few more weeks left of wearing it…sad day when that happens.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but moody at times.  I am getting good a working out my feelings and making sure I don’t snap quickly.
Weekly Wisdom: Before you buy a house, ask if the pipes ever freeze…can you say headache…This is my pile of laundry that I am finally able to do TODAY!!!!

Looking forward to:  Baby Showers!!!!  Three weeks and I get to see my family and my bestie and her babies.  Oh how excited I am!!!

Happy Hump day, Bump Day!

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