Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend Re-Cap

.....Tried uploading my pictures from my new camera and it crashed my work computer, so no pictures on this one.......

This weekend has just been an amazing weekend.  Filled with sun and fun…I even opened the windows…for like 10 minutes. Then I realized that 40 degrees was still a little chilly to be opening the windows. 

Saturday we got up first thing and took the dogs for a hike.  They love being able to go and run around without a care sniffing for rabbits!!!  We then came home changed clothes and went to Waterloo and went to the mall and looked around, I got a couple more Mommy Shirts and a sweatshirt for little man at Old Navy.  Travis has been having cravings as well so we ate lunch at Diamond Dave’s so he could have his chips and salsa.  They really do have some great salsa/hot sauce. Sorry to say I took no pictures from this day.

We were both really tired when we got home so lounging it was for the rest of the evening.  Now days I take lounging as I sit for a little bit and then I get up and clean something and then I sit for a little bit, and then I get up and do some laundry.  So not really lounging…I guess.

Sunday was a mixture of relaxing, baking, spray painting and cleaning.

I started following the blog I heart Organizing.  She is just such an amazing organizer and I am trying to be like that before the baby comes.  Right now she is doing a Monthly Clean Home Challenge, and I have learned how to clean the Fridge, the Dishwasher, the Washer and Dryer and the microwave.  And I have done all of the above the last week.  I love it.  I feel like I am doing the house a better home by making it fresh. 

I baked Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, in green for the season.  They turned out delicious!  Got the recipe from the blog Raining HotCoupons.  Yumm-o

Since I had leftover chips, I made some Mint brownies as well.  These also turned out so good.  I am becoming a better baker/cook now that I practice more.  I guess practice makes perfect!

The last thing i did this weekend was spray paint an old white basket Gold so we could have a magazine basket in our bathroom. (you know what that is for.)  It turned out way better then I ever imagined and looks amazing!  

Hope you all had an amazing weekend just like us!