Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby Noid is 24 Weeks

In case you were all wondering...we did find out what we are having. 


Its a Boy!!!!

I know I kept you all from finding out until now, but I am only doing 4 week updates until 30 weeks and then I will move to two weeks.  I mean you don't care that much...and nothing really changes with me from week to week for right now...It will when the time gets closer!  Can't wait to keep informing you on our babies progress.

This week:

Baby, fetus at 24 weeks - BabyCenter

Our baby boy is about the size of an ear of corn! At our last appointment when we found out what the baby was, the doctor said that he was a little bigger then average...but with parents like us I don't know why he would be small at all! 

How far along? 24 weeks and counting 
Total weight gain/loss: At my 22 week appointment I was at 165.  I checked my weight at the gym on Monday and i was up to 169...WHAT.  Can you gain 4 LBS in a week and be ok with this.  It might be that I have not been able to poop in like 4-5 days...but that's not a big deal, right?  I wish...Please pray I can soon! (little bit of an over share)
Maternity clothes? Who can say no to these...i have bought a few shirts and dresses and I am sticking to my leggings.  They are the most amazing thing yet.  I did buy some flat shoes this week since by the end of the day my feet are beginning to be swollen and I can't fit in any of my shoes...
Stretch marks? None yet. I have been putting Cocoa butter lotion and Belly Butter on daily.  I think I might start doing it twice a day...I have to remember to do that one.
Sleep: Ok...I do still get up quite a bit to pee. But that's ok...last night I got up 4 times to change the laundry.  I didn't want to pipes to freeze before I got done with it, so I just kept going.  Glories of an old house and living in the coldest state in the universe.  Who can even live in this negative temperatures.  NOT THIS GIRL.  I need to move!
Best moment this week: Getting to spend time with my family.  Love when I get to see them...its not very often that it happens, but when it does we always have a great time.
Miss Anything? Wearing my bikini.  I bought my first one piece suit that wasn't a lifeguard suit.  I figured since my belly is getting more and more hairy by the day...NOBODY wants to see that! 
Movement: Oh my goodness this little man needs to figure out when its day time and when its night time.  He is awake normally doing rolls at around noon and then again like crazy at about 930, 10pm.  Like right now as I am typing this, he is kicking up a storm.  My sister-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law got to feel him kicking this weekend.  Poor Travis, I think he doesn't have feeling in his hands.  He still hasn't felt him.  He will though!  No worries.  I can't wait to have a foot just sticking out of my stomach!
Food cravings: This last few weeks, none. But sweets are still my go to snack.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.  I am feeling amazing.  I do love being pregnant 
Have you started to show yet: Oh boy, oh boy.  I have an official baby bump.  He is there, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it.
Gender prediction: Well if you haven't heard...Its a boy!  We have picked out a couple of names, but as of right now we both really like Kodiak William Noid.
Labor Signs: None and glad of that
Belly Button inny or outy: Inny...starting to look a little flat when I lay down.
Wedding rings on or off? On.  Getting tighter though.  It almost fits now.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but moody at times.  I am getting better at not being so grouchy all the time, but I must say, I am more prone to having things done my way or nothing at all...I think I need to change that a little.
Weekly Wisdom: When your husband is sick...leave the house and don't come back until he isn't.  I now have a head cold...Thank you Travis. <3 him. 
Looking forward to: This cold weather to be done and gone.  Hopefully we don't have to wait until May for the snow be gone.